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The SOTA club stands for the Students of Occupational Therapy Assistants. The purpose of our club is to unite OTA students, future students, and alumni and broaden our intellectual and professional skills through community service projects. 

The SOTA club members volunteer their time at nonprofit events and fundraisers. One event that we enjoy working each semester is Designer Purse Bingo hosted by the Panola College Foundation. This event raises funds to support student scholarships and faculty and staff grants at Panola College. We also volunteer at the Ambucs Mobility Bash fundraiser each year to help serve the community by providing mobility for those with disabilities, and ramp building within Panola County.

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A generous donation of $25 will help us to reach our goal to attend the conference.


A generous donation of $50 gets us closer to reaching our goal to attend the conference.

Hotel Room

A gift of $150 today will provide 4 SOTA members a hotel room for one night of the conference.

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Your generous donation of $300 provides one SOTA member with registration to the 4 day conference.

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Panola College SOTA

About The Campaign


Every year, the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) hosts an annual conference & expo. This conference is the largest gathering of occupational therapy professionals in the world! It is a not-to-miss event and we were excited to learn that the conference is local to our area for 2019. This will allow us the opportunity to attend for the first time. 

During this 4-day conference, we will be able to experience up to date technology, meet AOTA leadership, learn about new products, and experience presentations and listen to speakers talk about the OT profession. We will be able to bring home the information learned at this conference to our community and our future patients.

The conference also offers a special Student Session Series which will provide our members with essential information needed to transition to the role of new practitioner. From NBCOT exam preparation and strategies for landing a job to having the opportunity to talk other OT practitioners, we will be better prepared to begin a successful OTA career after graduation in May 2019. 


In order to attend the AOTA conference, we must raise $18,000 to cover the travel and conference expenses for 26 SOTA members. Any donation is greatly appreciated to help us reach our goal to attend this conference in New Orleans on March 4-7, 2019. All the money raised through this campaign will be used directly to fund the bus travel, conference registration, and a 3-night hotel stay. Our group will be placing 4 students per room in order to keep the cost lower. There will be a total of 23 students and 3 instructors who will be attending. 

If we do not reach our goal of $18,000, the funds that we raise will be used to help build wheelchair accessible ramps for community members with disabilities. 2.1

About Our Team

Click our profiles below to learn about why each member got involved with SOTA club and why attending the AOTA conference is important. 2.1
Lacy Miles 2.1
Gloria Arellano 2.1
Kallie Forman 2.1
Jessica Fernandez 2.1
Kristen LeBlanc 2.1
Alyissa Riddle 2.1
Vanessa Cox 2.1
Ellie Holloway 2.1
Leah Montandon 2.1
Darian Wood 2.1
Keather Nichols 2.1
Madison Brown 2.1
Erica Booth 2.1
Ashley Gentry 2.1
Chelsea Elliott 2.1
Waldina Soto 2.1
Lani Blohm 2.1
Crystal Zapata 2.1
Kailon Jackson 2.1
Rialie Taylor 2.1
Emily Smith 2.1
Caitlin Elliott 2.1
Graciela Villanueva
Paul Racz