I believe this trip is bigger than just a musical and cultural exchange; it could completely change the way we look at the world.

Going to Kenya and meeting all these talented and passionate people will be an incredible learning experience that everyone involved in will benefit from. The core of this trip will be a musical exchange that is certainly going to raise our understanding of music and what it means to people around the world. However, that alone isn't just what this trip is about. Traveling and experiencing a country that is so different from any place I’ve ever been to will almost certainly have an immense impact on me as a person and may help me understand this world and its people a little better. I will be immersed in its nature, its cultures, its beauty and (obviously) its music but also its political, economical and environmental struggles. These aspects, as the main factors of how different life in Kenya must be compared to where I'm from, are what, I believe, will turn this trip from just a great musical exchange into a truly life-changing experience.  

Bastian Lehmann Bastian Lehmann
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