Helping University of Rochester students navigate an uncertain future

The future of undocumented/DACAmented students is more uncertain than ever before. DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) has been rescinded, leaving approximately 800,000 young people susceptible to deportation. In the wake of this news, undocumented/DACAmented undergraduates at the University of Rochester are bracing themselves for a future riddled with financial challenges related to their immigration status. Community support is integral to ensuring that these students are able to remain in school.

We ask for assistance in securing a bright future for this student population. Every dollar counts, and will help alleviate students’ financial burdens and help students continue their studies and persist towards graduation.

Emergency Funding for DACA Students

Why It Matters

Funding is a scarce resource for undocumented/DACAmented student in higher educational institutions. Yet these resources are integral to the survival of this student population especially with the current political climate. University of Rochester undocumented/DACAmented student need access to an emergency fund, as a number of students will lose their DACA coverage in the coming months. Access to an emergency fund will help these students to swiftly traverse financial challenges associated with their education and immigration status: namely, affording books, classes, health care, housing, self-care, and secure transportation.

Facing Financial Uncertainty

In addition, undocumented/DACAmented students are preparing to deal with the financial implication that will likely be a result of any legislation replacing DACA. Overall, this emergency fund will be a form of security for students as they face the countless challenges tied to their immigration status. The fund will be managed by University faculty and staff.

In the event that legislation is passed to extent/replace DACA, the collected funds will be utilized to cover any costs related to student compliance with the new program.

The Difference You Can Make

Undocumented and DACAmented students have built their lives in the United States. DREAMers at the University of Rochester need your support, and every dollar counts. By supporting the DREAMer community here on campus, you can help make the University of Rochester ever better.