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Australian poet Pam Brown once said “Horses lend us the wings we lack.” Help us find our wings - support UR Equestrian!

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Your $25 donation helps fund lessons for URET members for years to come. Thank you for your support.

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Your $50 helps cover entry and coaching fees for a Show Team member. Thank you for your support.

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Your $250 donation covers one rider's lesson costs for the whole school year or allows a Show Team member to compete in several shows. Thank you for your support.

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About The Campaign

Ever Better Equestrians

For over 25 years, members of the UR Equestrian Team have improved their riding skills through weekly lessons and the chance to compete at the intercollegiate level. Some of our members join the team to ride a horse for the first time, while others have been riding their whole lives and want to continue that while in school. We welcome riders of all backgrounds and experience levels. The club’s Show Team allows members to take their riding to the next level by competing against school from across western NY. Every year, several Show Team members qualify for Regionals, demonstrating our ability to hold our own against schools with varsity teams.

Our goal is to make horseback riding accessible to anyone with an interest in it. Changes to Club Sports funding in recent years have made this more of a challenge. Through this fundraising campaign, we hope to enable more people to experience all the joy that riding a horse offers, and to give riders of all levels more opportunities to learn and improve. 2.1

What does your Donation Do?

It’s no secret that horseback riding can be an expensive sport. Our goal is to break down this barrier to allow anyone who wants to ride to do so, but we can’t do that without you! Lessons cost $264 per person per semester, with Show Team adding additional costs for registration and entry fees. We are grateful for the subsidy provided to us through UR Student Activities, but we understand that our higher-than-average dues make our team inaccessible to many students. Over the next six weeks, we hope to raise enough to further subsidize these costs. Money raised will go to support the team and its operating costs over the next several years, as well as to help with the Show Team’s registration and coaching fees. With your help, we can give every student the chance to ride, compete, and enjoy the amazing feeling of working with these incredible animals. 2.1

Crazy Horse Girls (and Guys)

Since 1992, the University of Rochester Equestrian Team has offered beginner and experienced equestrians alike a fun and safe way to ride horses. The team currently rides at JLD Equine in Fairport, NY with coach Peggy Gauger. Members take weekly lessons on a variety of horses, allowing them to further their riding skills while also learning from their peers. The team of 35 people consists of members from all grades and backgrounds. As a co-ed Club Sport, the roster includes both women and men, as well as a large percentage of international students.

The club also has a separate competitive Show Team, which competes as part of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) in Zone 2, Region 1. IHSA offers divisions from Walk-Trot up to Open Fences, allowing everyone the chance to compete, regardless of their level of experience. At shows, team members catch-ride horses provided by the host schools, offering a unique challenge and experience that would not necessarily be available outside of IHSA. Over the years, the Show Team has consistently performed strongly against varsity teams from schools like Alfred University and Cornell.

The mission of URET is to make riding not only fun, but also accessible to people from a wide variety of backgrounds. We urge you to help us achieve that goal by contributing to our campaign. From all of us on URET, thank you so much for your support. 2.1
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