The Thestrals are going to nationals!

The University of Rochester Thestrals have qualified to go to the US Quidditch Cup 11! We are excited to compete with 60 of the best teams in the nation, but nationals this year is in Round Rock, Texas, and we need your help to get there! 

Over the years, the Thestrals have grown alongside the sport itself. Quidditch was inspired by the fantasy game in JK Rowling's popular Harry Potter series, but this high-flying, hard-hitting game has become more than just a fantasy. With all of the power and agility needed for rugby, basketball, and soccer, quidditch might have grown out of its cape-wearing days, but the spirit and enthusiasm of the game are kept alive by our players!

Though some of our travel is subsidized by the University of Rochester, we still need to pay for our flights and rental cars to Texas. Though getting there from Rochester is pretty costly, we want to make sure this journey is an opportunity open to all of our players. Please click through our suggested donation levels to look at the impacts you can have on our team, as well as some thank you gifts you could receive from our team!

Thank you so much for any donations to help us achieve this goal!

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Social media shoutout

Thank you for your donation! If you'd like, get a shoutout from our instagram (ur.thestrals), facebook (UR Thestrals), or twitter (UrThestrals)! Email Sam Dinga with your request!

Fun Photoshop Edit

Thank you for your donation! If you'd like, have our resident funny photo editor Tim Kwan make you an edit of anything you'd like (within reason). Please contact Tim Kwan, for requests!

Signed team photo (5x7)

We really appreciate your generosity! Get a signed photo of our whole team, with a heartfelt note of thanks on the back! Contact Sam Dinga, for delivery information!

Facepaint a starter

Make nationals even more fun for us and our fans! Facepaint any starting team member during a day 1 match! Contact Sam Dinga, for requests!

Thestral cheer squad

Have the Thestrals come support you at a game of your choice at US nationals! We'll have cheers, signs, and incomparable hype levels! (Providing no time conflict with our matches). Contact Sam Dinga, for requests!

Cover the cost of us traveling to and from the airport!

Thank you so much for your generosity!

Help cover half of a player's flight!

Thank you so much for your generosity! Our trip to nationals wouldn't be the same without it!

Thank You for Your Gift

Our success relies on the generosity of our community. A gift today will have a lasting impact, and we are so grateful for it.

UR Thestrals Quidditch Team

About The Campaign

Our ever-better team

The University of Rochester Thestrals have played competitive quidditch since 2009, and since then our club has grown to become one of the biggest club sports on campus! Our travel team is USQ-official, and travels to tournaments both in the Snow Belt and out-of-region, and we won first place in the Northeast Region this fall! 

Winning the regional title brought the number one rank back to the snow belt, and this is the first time a Rochester team has won the Northeast region in the history of USQ. We're very excited to go into nationals with this win driving us to be better than ever before! 2.1

Where your donations will go

Thank you so much for your support of the UR Thestrals! This fundraiser is going directly to our nationals costs, particularly our travel costs. The flights that we have booked are costing the team $6381, rounding out to about $319 per person. Our school has generously offered to fund our hotel costs, but as college students, $319 per person is too much for us to expect each player to pay. We're hoping to get the per player cost as low as possible, and your donations will directly help lessen the load for your loyal Thestrals! Thank you again for your generosity! 2.1