Our Story Begins in 1959

The story of Saint Edmond’s Academy continues to evolve, as a 59-year tradition of educating the hearts and minds of our students meets a 21st century curriculum. Our alumni have played a valuable part in shaping the story for the Academy. From the 5th Grade Knighthood ceremony, to the famous tug-of-war, you have made memories here that are unique to these hallways. We're more than challenging academics, enriching arts programs, and championship athletic teams. We mold our students into the leaders of tomorrow. 

"You have been afforded opportunities not everyone has...soak that up! Life is short, follow your dreams!" -Rob Yacyshyn, SEA '93

St. Edmonds Annual Fund

A Community of Giving

Instilled in the hearts of our alumni is a dedication to service and giving. You give back not only to the Academy but to the greater community as well. Help us to continue our Saint Edmond's story through your financial support of our 1959 Young Alumni Club campaign. Make your gift today and directly support the Academy's academic programming, facility enhancements, scholarship and financial aid programs, and faculty development. Your one small gift of $19 can make a world of difference. Think about it. If a graduating class of 35 boys each made a gift today, that's $665 per class!

"We will always be brothers because of that red blazer...our lives are forever intertwined. We will always remain, Saint Edmond's Lancers." -Sam Anderson, SEA ‘84

Continuing the Mission

As an SEA student, you explored, grew, and succeeded in the classroom, on the athletic fields, in the arts, and in your faith. Your growth is a direct result of the education you received – one that continues the mission of our founders, the Holy Cross Brothers. Our exceptional faculty continues to ensure that, like you, our current students become young men of character. The stories of our past help to create the rich history upon which we continue to build. The stories you have shared have a consistent theme – one of community, faith, brotherhood, and leadership. 

“We took care of everyone here from the biggest and strongest to the shy and quiet kids. I forged the most meaningful relationships of my life here at SEA and that has shaped every other aspect of my life.” -Paul Ramseur, SEA '83

Making a Difference Together

We hold tight to our traditions while continuing to evolve as an educational institution. Ensuring the future of Saint Edmond’s for our current students and beyond is in all of our hands. Bonded in brotherhood, our alumni are truly Lancers for Life. Your gift today celebrates our history and continues our legacy. 

"The 47 years at Saint Edmond’s Academy has been a remarkable journey for me.  I’ve worn many hats but no matter what job I’m doing, in any particular year, I love walking through the doors at 2120 each day.  The relationships I’ve made with alumni have been very rewarding. Forty-seven years and I don’t think I would have changed a thing.” -Bill D’Amato, Current Faculty & Coach, Alumni Parent